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Leading the industry in structural moisture removal.

Ours is a service born out of adversity when the developer of the process discovered wet stringers in his own boat during the surveying process. That was over a decade ago. Since that time, DRYBOAT® has been 100% successful in hundreds of warranty and non-warranty applications and has earned endorsements from leading boat manufacturers, surveyors, marina’s, broker’s and boat owners throughout the U.S.

The DRYBOAT Advantage

On Time and Budget

On Time & Budget

Nobody likes surprises, especially us. DRYBOAT® takes the time necessary and uses state-of-the-art equipment to determine exact areas that show elevated moisture issues prior to even starting the drying process. Those determinations allow us to provide you with an accurate quote, eliminating uncertainty. Once the process is setup and running, it works 24/7, allowing us to stay on schedule and budget.

Non Destructive


Our process only targets the high moisture areas. Example: the typical side of a yacht that would require 140 sq ft of conventional removal and replacement requires approximately 0.40 sq ft area of access area by the DRYBOAT® system. Along with numerous obvious benefits (including additional strength), a complementary consideration is the elimination of the high risk of decreased resale value by altering the original OEM mold shape.



The DRYBOAT® process virtually puts an end to removal and reinstallation of components keeping labor costs to an absolute minimum. Additionally our process allows accessing wet areas in ways formerly not available with other systems. The possibility of drying from the inside allows no impact to any outside areas eliminating finishing costs.

Ready to get back on the water? We’re ready to show how the DRYBOAT process can get you there quicker.

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